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Realising the full potential of CMR
CMRtools is a software package that provides integrated analysis and effective visualisation of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR) images. In its simplest form, CMRtools can be used as a standalone DICOM image viewer, providing rapid, versatile image browsing and Region-of-Interest (ROI) analysis. When used in conjunction with the different plug-in packages of CMRtools, it provides advanced CMR quantification and modelling capabilities. The plug-ins provide an integrated and easy-to-follow analysis workflow, which can significantly enhance your productivity and CMR research potential.
CMRtools is the baseline software package provided by CVIS.  It provides everything you need to import DICOM images from a CD/DVD or a network drive, allowing you to browse through different patients in the CMRtools imagebank. Its multi-format viewing window permits viewing, annotation, ROI analysis, and access to specialist plug-ins. The software uses a proprietorial format for saving CMR sessions so that your intermediate analysis results can be saved, retrieved or continued at any time. This also provides an auditing trail for future reference and for comparing different quantification methods. CMRtools is designed to run on standard PCs including laptops running Microsoft Windows.
One of the unique features of CMRtools is its intuitive and efficient user interface and easy-to-follow analysis workflow. It has been designed from the ground-up to provide you with the highest performance in image viewing and manipulation. For example, CMRtools allows you to navigate through all of the cine images for a patient with just a simple movement of the mouse. Another example is the multi-format viewing feature that provides a versatile approach to choosing the arrangement of images on the screen, which greatly facilitates sequential intra-subject analysis and group-wise inter-subject comparisons.
The plug-ins of CMRtools that provide specialist CMR analysis and quantification include VentricularTools for analysing the left and right ventricles, ModellingTools for constructing detailed cardiovascular models, PerfusionTools for first-pass myocardial perfusion quantification,  Thalassaemia-Tools for T2* assessment for the heart and liver, and 3Dtools for real-time 3D image visualisation. These features provide a unique user experience that gives you a head start in realising the full potential of CMR.
The current version of CMRtools and its plug-ins ThalassaemiaTools, VentricularTools, LVtools, LateEnhancementTools, 3Dtools and PerfusionTools is intended for use as an investigational device for cardiac research only and must not be used for clinical diagnosis in the United States.  A 510(k) application is being made to the FDA for CMRtools and its plug-ins VentricularTools and ThalassaemiaTools.