Realtime 3D visualisation
3Dtools is a CMRtools plug-in that provides real-time 3D visualisation of cardiovascular MR images. It uses cutting-edge, fully software accelerated rendering technology to bring realtime 3D visualisation to your laptop/desktop.
3Dtools allows you to create a fully depth resolved 3D model in realtime, which gives you the ability to examine anatomical features that are difficult to perceive in conventional 2D images.
A variety of rendering modes are provided in 3Dtools to give you greater control over the appearance of the rendering results. 3Dtools is particularly useful for CMR contrast enhanced angiography and provides high quality, depth-resolved rendering at an interactive rate.
3Dtools allows you to create AVI/MPEG movies of your datasets. You can specify different viewing angles and create a smooth animation between them. The resulting movies can be saved as AVI/MPEG files and used in a wide range of software packages.
Realtime 3D navigation
Isosurface visualisation
Dataset slicing
Keyframe animation
AVI movie export
Image data superposition
Hardware independent rendering
CMRtools integration
Key features
3Dtools provides a virtual dissection tool that enables you to cut into your 3D datasets to reveal detailed internal 3D structures. It also allows you to superimpose the original image data onto the 3D structures to fuse between conventional 2D imaging and 3D visualisation. Whilst other medical 3D visualisation packages rely on specific rendering hardware, 3Dtools utilises purpose-built software acceleration technology that can be used on standard laptops or desktops without purpose built graphics hardware.
Try CMRtools now
CMRtools and its plug-ins can run or your desktop or laptop PC and only takes a few minutes to install and get started.
CMRtools requires a PC or a laptop running Microsoft WindowsXP or later with a display, mouse and keyboard, 1GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, a 128MB graphics card and 2GB or free hard disk space.