Frequently Asked Questions
What is CMRtools?
CMRtools is a software package for the visualization and analysis of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Images. It has a family of related software plug-ins called VentricularTools, ThalassaemiaTools, LVtools, 3Dtools and PerfusionTools.
What is CMRtools designed for?
CMRtools, VentricularTools and ThalassaemiaTools are designed for clinical use. PerfusionTools and 3Dtools are designed for cardiac research.
How can I download and install CMRtools?
You may freely download an evaluation version of CMRtools. You will need to follow the instructions on the download page of this website.
How do I download the plug-in packages for CMRtools?
The plug-in packages are downloaded and installed automatically when you download and install CMRtools.
What is the difference between the 30-day trial version and the full version of CMRtools?
The 30-day trial version of CMRtools and its plug-ins contains exactly the same features as the full version. The difference is that the trial version must only be used for evaluation purposes and must not be used for clinical or research use.
How can I get hold of the full version of CMRtools?
The licensing options for CMRtools are described on the licensing page of this website.
How can I get hold of documentation for CMRtools?
The documentation section of this website contains a Dicom Conformance statement for CMRtools and its plug-ins.
What is the regulatory status of CMRtools and its plug-ins?
CMRtools, VentricularTools and ThalassaemiaTools carry a Class I CE Mark and have FDA 510(k) clearance. LVtools, 3Dtools and PerfusionTools are for research use only.
How should I report an error concerning CMRtools?
If CMRtools does not operate correctly or if there is feature that you think is missing, please send a detailed description of the problem to
How can I unlock my version of CMRtools?
You can unlock your version of CMRtools by purchasing a license from, starting CMRtools, clicking on 'unlock' and sending the file that is generated to You will then be sent instructions on how to unlock the software.