Exporting images
In order to export a static image, select the image within the main CMRtools window and click the 'capture' button and then the 'image' button.
This will copy the image to the Windows clipboard. You can then insert it in to another application such as PowerPoint by selecting PowerPoint's 'paste' option. The image will be copied at the same resolution at which it is displayed within CMRtools.
CMRtools allows you to export movies so that you can insert them into another application such as PowerPoint. In order to insert a movie into a presentation you should take the following steps.
Exporting Images and Movies from CMRtools
Using the series selector, select the image series for which you want to create a movie
Start the cine by clicking on the ‘play’ button
Resize the CMRtools window to choose the resolution at which the movie will be exported
Click on the 'capture' button
Click on the 'save' button in the capture menu
Specify a location for the new AVI file
Choose a video codec. Click on 'Configure' to choose the compression settings
Click on 'OK'
If you choose to save the AVI without any compression then the movie quality will be highest, but the resulting file may be very large. On the other hand, if you choose another compression method then you should bear in mind that other computers will only be able to display the resulting movies if they have the appropriate software installed. The software components which allow the creation and display of AVI files are referred to as codecs, and CMRtools gives you the chance to select any of the codecs that are installed on your computer. In most cases the best option is to choose one of Microsoft's MPEG 4 codecs, because these are installed on most modern Windows PCs. If you have any problems with AVI codecs then please send an email to help@cmrtools.com. However, please be aware that this is not a problem with CMRtools, but rather an issue with AVI files in general. Before giving a presentation, it is recommend that you test your AVI files on the presentation computer to check that the necessary codec is installed.
When exporting a movie from CMRtools, it is important to choose a suitable resolution for the movie. The exported AVI movies will have the same dimensions as the images shown within CMRtools. To minimise the movie file size, you should choose the smallest movie resolution at which you can see the movie clearly. Resize the CMRtools window to specify the movie resolution.