The Imagebank is a database of images stored on your computer. It is designed to allow the rapid retrieval of patient images. It has a simple user interface that lets you browse through a large list of patients in an efficient manner. The imagebank contains a sample dataset to get you started using CMRtools.
Loading images from the CMRtools Imagebank
To load images from the ImageBank, click on the 'open' button if it is visible, and then on the 'server' button.
You should then be presented with a view similar to the one shown below.
You will notice a calendar that can be used to select the month in which the scan was performed. If you are not sure exactly when the scan was performed, you can select a period of time in the calendar. Click and drag in the different months or the different years. Click on '2008' to reveal a sample dataset. You will be provided with a list of patients that were scanned in the time interval that you have specified. You can browse through the different patients by clicking on them in turn.
If you want to search for a particular patient, type their name, hospital number or scanner operator into the search box and click ‘search’.
Click and drag on the images to choose which ones you want to load. Alternatively, click on the 'select all' button to select them all.
Finally, to load the images into CMRtools, click on the 'ok' button.
If you would like to import Dicom images into the Imagebank, click here for instructions.