Deleting an image series
You can click on the delete icon on the far left of the series selector to delete the selected image series. You will be asked whether you want to delete all of the images or just the selected image.
Hiding text and annotations
If you wish to temporarily hide the textual, annotation or region-of-interest overlays, you should use the options in the 'settings' menu.
Use the 'info' button to toggle the textual overlay on and off.
Use the 'images' button to toggle the images on and off.
Use the 'overlays' button to toggle the annotations and delineations on and off.
Saving and Loading Images
The 'save' button enables you to save your work. All of the settings that are currently applied in CMRtools will be stored.
To retrieve your saved files, you should click on the 'open' button followed by the 'sessions' button and then select the file you want to load.
Changing Image Brightness and Contrast
The contrast slider can be used to enhance the appearance of the images. Clicking and dragging on the upper and lower handles of the contrast slider changes the pixel values that are represented by white and black respectively. Clicking and dragging between these handles change both these values simultaneously.
Measuring distances
The measure tool enables you to measure distances on the image. It is necessary to click and drag to define the start and end point of the distance. A line between the 2 points is displayed along with the corresponding distance.
Uninstalling CMRtools
You can uninstall CMRtools by following the instructions below.
  * Open the Windows Control Panel from the Start Menu
  * Click on 'Add/Remove' programs
  * Find CMRtools in the list and click on 'Remove'
When you uninstall CMRtools your imagebank will remain intact.
CMRtools features