CMRtools provides tools for drawing contours around regions-of-interest. These contours can be edited if necessary and analysed to calculate properties such as area and average signal intensity.
Drawing, editing and analysing regions-of-interest in CMRtools
To draw a contour, click on the 'draw' icon followed by the 'freehand' icon and then click and drag on an image. A closed contour will be drawn around the path traced by the mouse.
The edit tool can be used to edit contours. This can be achieved by clicking and dragging on the contour.
Selecting objects
A selection tool is provided that allows you to select contours, text and annotations. You can click on an object to select it, or you can click and drag a bounding rectangle to select multiple objects.
When an object is selected it is displayed in red. You can click and drag on a selected object to move it.
Nine small handles are drawn around the selected object. Clicking and dragging on these handles allows you to scale the object.