CMRtools provides a versatile platform for viewing cardiovascular magnetic resonance images. This section introduces some of the key features for navigating between different images and choosing viewing settings.
Viewing images in CMRtools
Once you have loaded some images into CMRtools, the following screen will appear. This is the main viewing window of CMRtools.
The main CMRtools window consists of many elements. There is a large viewing area in the centre of the window that is used to display your images. There are a set of tools around this area that allow you to perform different operations with these images. To the right of the window is a contrast selector that enables you to change the appearance of the images. Along the bottom of the window are two selectors that enable you to choose which images to view. Finally, there is a multiview selector on the bottom right of the window that allows you to choose how many images you want to view simultaneously.
Switching between image series
The series selector enables you to switch between the series that are loaded into CMRtools.
Switching between cine frames
The frame selector enables you to switch between frames of the selected image series.
Playing a cine
The play button enables you to watch the images in cine mode.
Viewing multiple images simultaneously
The multiview selector enables you to choose how many images you want to be displayed in the main window. Click and drag on the squares to choose a particular arrangement of images. In the example below, there is a 6x6 grid of images that can be chosen. Out of these, a total of 4 images are viewed in a 2x2 grid.