CMRtools is a software package for viewing and analysing cardiovascular magnetic resonance images.  In its simplest form, CMRtools can be used as a standalone DICOM image viewer, providing rapid, versatile image browsing and region-of-interest analysis.   When used in conjunction with the different plug-in packages of CMRtools, it provides advanced cardiac quantification and modelling capabilities.   CMRtools is simple to install and is available now from the download section of this website. Dicom 3.0 Imaging   Images are imported into CMRtools in the DICOM 3.0 format.  This allows CMRtools to work with datasets that have been acquired with almost any modern MRI scanner.  A user interface is provided that allows the user to identify the location of the DICOM files for a particular patient.  Once the files have been successfully located, CMRtools can import the images in the background so that other tasks may be completed simultaneously.     The Imagebank   CMRtools includes an imagebank that provides one of the fastest ways to browse through large collections of medical datasets.   The imagebank is stored on the computer's hard disk and keeps track of all of the DICOM images that are imported.   It is possible to search for an individual patient by selecting the month in which they were scanned or by entering their name.  Thumbnail images are updated in realtime as the user switches between different patients.  Once the user has found the dataset to be analysed, the images can be rapidly loaded into CMRtools for viewing and analysis. Image Viewing   The CMRtools user interface has been designed from the ground up to provide the most effective way of browsing through cardiac MR images.  It features a unique multi image display that allows the user to choose the arrangement of images with a single click.  Cine images can be viewed, magnified and animated with unparalleled efficiency.   A powerful image grouping tool is provided that allows the user to perform simultaneous operations on entire groups of images. Its fast and easy-to-use interface makes CMRtools the ideal platform for advanced cardiac image analysis.      Image Analysis    CMRtools includes features for drawing and analysing regions-of- interest within cardiac images.  It is possible to calculate parameters such as area, average signal intensity and the standard deviation of pixels within a region. The parameters can be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis.     Software Plug-ins   The plug-ins of CMRtools  include VentricularTools and LVtools for analysing the left ventricle, ThalassaemiaTools for T2* assessment for the heart and liver, PerfusionTools for first-pass myocardial perfusion quantification and 3Dtools for real-time 3D image visualisation.     Data Export   CMRtools can export data in a variety of formats.  Cine images can be conveniently exported as movie files for incorporation within other applications.   Still images can be exported as bitmaps or in a raw file format that is suitable for use in investigational cardiac research. Try CMRtools now   CMRtools and its plug-ins can run or your desktop or laptop PC and only takes a few minutes to install and get started.   CMRtools requires a PC or a laptop running Microsoft Windows XP or later with a display, mouse and keyboard, 1GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, a 128MB graphics card and 2GB or free hard disk space. Try CMRtools now Free 30 day evaluation version