CMRtools The baseline version of CMRtools allows the user to load and view DICOM images acquired with a cardiovascular magnetic resonance scanner and provides a set of essential tools for analysing large cardiac datasets.  It also acts as a launch pad for each of the plug-in packages that provide specialist cardiac assessment. CMRtools plug-ins Try CMRtools now   CMRtools and its plug-ins can run or your desktop or laptop PC and only takes a few minutes to install and get started.   CMRtools requires a PC or a laptop running Microsoft Windows XP or later with a display, mouse and keyboard, 1GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, a 128MB graphics card and 2GB or free hard disk space. Plug-in packages for specialist cardiac assessment VentricularTools   VentricularTools is a plug-in that allows the user to perform rapid assessment of the left ventricle from cardiac MR images.  It can be used to calculate LV ejection fraction, volume and mass.  As with all of the CMRtools plug-in packages, it provides a step-by-step workflow based user interface that minimises the amount of time required to perform an accurate and reproducible assessment. ThalassaemiaTools   ThalassaemiaTools provides a step-by-step approach to detecting iron overload in the heart and liver.  It allows the user to define a region of interest, correct for in-plane motion and perform T2* curve fitting to determine a reproducible and accurate value for T2*.   Each step is clearly explained with context sensitive interactive help. 3Dtools   3Dtools provides realtime 3D visualisation of cardiac MR images without the need for specialised hardware.  Isosurface and volumetric rendering is used to allow realtime navigation around the cardiovascular system.  3Dtools allows  the user to create AVI/MPEG movies for use in a wide range of software packages. PerfusionTools    PerfusionTools is a specialist plug-in for the analysis of first pass perfusion MR images.  It uses tracer kinetic modelling with Fermi- deconvolution to calculate perfusion indices including myocardial perfusion reserve.  PerfusionTools can generate bulls-eye plots, signal intensity graphs and spreadsheets of the derived perfusion indices. LVtools    LVtools is a CMRtools plug-in that allows the creation of detailed 4D models of the left ventricle.   It is designed for researchers who are interested in the morphology, dynamics and function of the heart. It allows the calculation of LV volume, mass, ejection fraction and regional wall thickening.