CMRtools and its plug-ins are developed and marketed by Cardiovascular Imaging Solutions Ltd. (CVIS).
Registered Office:
Company Information
Cardiovascular Imaging Solutions Ltd.
53 Cavendish Road
London SW12 0BL, UK
Registered in England No. 4822008
CVIS creates software for the visualisation and analysis of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance images; we aim to improve cardiac healthcare by providing software tools that increase the reproducibility and accuracy of cardiac assessments whilst reducing analysis time.
CVIS was incorporated as a Company in England in 2003.
Business Partners
CVIS is looking for collaborators in the cardiac imaging sector to develop integrated imaging solutions and quality training material. If you are interested in such a development collaboration, please send your proposal or query to
If you are interested in working for CVIS, please send your curriculum vitae to