A 30-day trial version of CMRtools and its plug-ins can be downloaded and installed by following the instructions on this page. Downloading CMRtools and its plug-ins Double click on the file that you dowloaded to install CMRtools and its plug-ins Work through the steps of the installation procedure Once installation is complete, start CMRtools from the windows start menu You will be presented with the following screen: CMRtools and its plug-ins require a PC or a laptop running Microsoft WindowsXP or later with a display, mouse and keyboard, 1GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, a 128MB graphics card and 2GB or free hard disk space. The trial version of CMRtools includes CMRtools, ThalassaemiaTools, 3Dtools, perfusionTools and LVtools.  It does not include VentricularTools. Please note - The trial version of CMRtools and its plug-ins are for evaluation purposes only.  The trial version must not be used for clinical purposes.  There are restrictions on what CMRtools and its plug-ins can be used for.   Take the following steps to download CMRtools: Download CMRtools Click here to open the CMRtools download page Enter your name, email address and institution and start the download Install and start CMRtools Once you have downloaded CMRtools, take the following steps to install CMRtools and its plug-ins: The trial version will run for 30 days.  If you wish to use the software beyond the trial, please send an email to sales@cmrtools.com. Click here for information about how to load images into CMRtools