Developments in CMR This page provides an update of important developments in the wider field of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging.  Please note that the featured work does not use CMRtools.   For a list of publications that use CMRtools, please click here.   Quantitative myocardial distribution volume from dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI Nathan A. Pack, Edward V.R. DiBella, Brent D. Wilson, Christopher J. McGann 10-June-2008 A recent paper by Pack et al. validated a novel technique for the measurement of myocardial distribution volume using a short dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI sequence. As been previously reported, the volume of extra-cellular, extra-vascular space (Ve) is a useful indicator of the presence of myocardial infarction. Existing techniques for the derivation of this particular parameter require a slow infusion or bolus injection of a contrast agent over a period of 10-20 minutes in order to measure the ratio between the contrast agent in the tissue and that in the blood. In this work, a shorter (1-5 minutes approx.) dynamic contrast-enhanced acquisition was validated for the derivation of Ve using a physiologically derived compartmental model. First, the contrast agent was applied using a slow-infusion or bolus injection, and a dynamic acquisition used to measure the concentration over time. By using the compartmental model, the extra-vascular, extra-cellular volume could be derived from the rate of increase of contrast agent concentration over time. Validation was performed using both simulated datasets to investigate the effects of imaging time and vascular blood signal on the success of the compartmental model. Patient studies were also performed on 12 normal and 4 infarcted subjects to determine the effects of imaging time as well as the contrast between Ve measurements for normal and infarcted myocardial tissue.