Frequently Asked Questions
What is ThalassaemiaTools?
ThalassaemiaTools is a software plug-in to CMRtools that allows the calculation of T2* in the myocardium and liver for the assessment of iron loading in patients with Thalassaemia.
What images do I require for ThalassaemiaTools?
You will need a set of 8 cardiovascular magnetic resonance images of a mid ventricular short axis slice. Each image should be acquired with a different Echo Time (TE). The values of TE should be equally spaced in the range 2.0ms to 17.0ms.
How can I get hold of ThalassaemiaTools?
ThalassaemiaTools is installed automatically when CMRtools is installed. Click here to download CMRtools and all of its plug-ins.
How do I start a new assessment with ThalassaemiaTools?
To start a new assessment with ThalassaemiaTools, you will first need to load a set of images into CMRtools. Click here for instructions on how to start a new assessment with ThalassaemiaTools.