Step-by-step T2* assessment
ThalassaemiaTools is a CMRtools plug-in for the assessment of iron loading in the heart and liver. It provides a step-by-step approach to calculating T2* from CMR images.
 ThalassaemiaTools allows you to perform a complete cardiac and liver assessment of T2* in just five minutes.
ThalassaemiaTools, as with all of the packages of CMRtools, includes both interactive contextual help and an online user reference to guide you on how to perform accurate and reproducible CMR assessments.
Heart failure caused by myocardial iron overload is the most common cause of death in thalassaemia major, affecting up to 71% of patients. Recent studies have indicated that MR myocardial T2* reflects iron levels, and that short T2* is related to impaired ventricular function. Myocardial T2* measurements using CMR therefore play an important role in the early detection of cardiac iron overload (which cannot be predicted by liver iron or serum ferritin) and monitoring of iron-chelation therapy. This is attractive because CMR is widely available worldwide, and can be simultaneously applied in the liver where a calibrated inverse relationship between T2* and liver iron concentration is available.
In-plane motion correction
Simplified multi-slice ROI/segmental analysis
Accurate T2* fitting with constrained optimisation
Interactive analysis-data interrogation and visualisation
Versatile data export
Full analysis session record for providing comprehensive audit trails
Key features