ThalassaemiaTools workflow
Step 1 - Delineate contours 
The first step is to draw the epicardial and endocardial borders on an image that exhibits good contrast between blood and myocardium. These contours should be drawn slightly inside the myocardium, so that the enclosed region contains no blood pool, liver or lung.
Step 2 - Correct motion
As each image is typically acquired in a separate breath-hold, registration errors can exist between the different images. ThalassaemiaTools provides a mechanism by which images can be manually realigned to remove in-plane motion.
Step 3 - Segment the septal region
T2* analysis is performed for the septal region of the myocardium. The 3rd step of the workflow enables you to identify the LV/RV junction points so that the extent of the septal region is segmented.
Step 4 - Analyse
For each image, the average signal intensity in the septal region is calculated. These values are plotted on a graph of signal intensity versus TE. A smooth curve is fitted to these points. The T2* value is calculated from the decay constant of the curve.