What is VentricularTools?
VentricularTools is a software plug-in to CMRtools that allows rapid, accurate and reproducible assessment of the left ventricle.
Who is VentricularTools designed for?
VentricularTools is designed to allow clinicians to perform clinical assessment of the left ventricle.
When will VentricularTools be released?
VentricularTools is currently being validated. It will be released in early 2009.
Will VentricularTools allow the analysis of the Right Ventricle?
The current version of VentricularTools only allows the assessment of the left ventricle. A new version is being developed that allows right ventricular assessment.
Does VentricularTools treat papillary muscles as belonging to the myocardium or blood pool?
VentricularTools treats papillary muscles and trabeculations as belonging to the myocardium rather than to the blood pool.
Why is it important to define the mitral valve plane?
The base of the left ventricle moves significantly over the cardiac cycle. By defining a plane that acts as a boundary between the left ventricle and the left atrium, it is possible to exclude the left atrium from the calculation of the left ventricular indices.
Why isn't VentricularTools fully automatic?
Medical images often contain noise and artefacts that confuse automatic image segmentation algorithms. VentricularTools uses a semi-automatic segmentation approach that reduces the time required for assessment, whilst providing the clinician with complete control over the assessment.
Frequently Asked Questions