Rapid and reproducible left ventricular assessment   VentricularTools allows the calculation of key cardiac indices including ejection fraction, ventricular mass and volume.   It employs a unique automatic algorithm that provides user-independent myocardial border delineation.  User interaction is permitted at all stages of the analysis workflow to ensure the accuracy of the results and to deal with cases with complex cardiac morphology or poor image quality.   A typical analysis session can be performed in less than 5 minutes. Step-by-step workflow   As with each of the plug-ins of CMRtools, VentricularTools utilises a step-by- step workflow to guide the user through the different steps of the analysis.  The workflow simplifies the process of ventricular assessment by dividing it into distinct tasks that minimise the amount of time required to perform accurate and reproducible analysis.  At any point, the user can go back to a previous step to review and improve the ventricular delineation.  The workflow is complemented with context sensitive interactive help that provides examples of how an assessment should be performed.     Valve Tracking    In VentricularTools, the motion of the valves is taken into account for calculating the mass and volume of the left ventricle.  The position and orientation of the valves are identified at end-diastole and end-systole to exclude regions that belong to the left atrium.  The resulting calculation of the cardiac indices does not make any assumptions concerning the geometry of the ventricle. Epicardial & endocardial border delineation Step-by-step workflow Automatic LV delineation Manual contour correction Mitral valve plane tracking LV Ejection fraction, mass and volume calculation Context sensitive interactive help Papillary muscle and trabeculation delineation Full analysis record for comprehensive auditing trail Seamless CMRtools integration Key features